UPS Employee Discounts

UPS has created an online portal called UPSers for its employees. They can access all their personal information on the website. The employees can also have the access to the discounts that are offered to them via the online portal if they log into their accounts. The employees can log into their account easily by putting in the login credentials given to them.

Employee Discounts and Savings

To have the access to all the saving and discounts offered by the UPS, the employee needs to register themselves on the UPS online portal. During registration, the employee needs to accept all the terms and conditions. Once the employee registration is done, the employee can log into the account by using the User ID and password. 

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All the employees retired and currently working in UPS are eligible for the discount program. Only the employees from Puerto Rico and few U.S territories are not eligible. The retired employees who do not have access to UPs are also not eligible. 


UPS provides several discounts to the employees that can be used on shipping services for both personal and household usage. The shares cannot be transferred to any other employee. For all the bills, the employees are liable. 

Electronic Shipping Information

To have access to incentives it is important to use an Automated Shipping Service. The incentives cannot be applied to parcels from different locations. It is necessary to drop off all the packages in the mailroom. 


All the amounts must be paid by the user to the company within the given time. 

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions can change without any prior notice. Along with the references it is incorporated in the agreement. 

The term, Modification, and Termination

The agreement comes into play from the moment the user accepts all the terms, conditions, and policies and will stay into play until the termination notice of incentive is received. The incentives can be modified by the UPS at any moment.


The confidentiality of the agreement with the rates and terms should be maintained by the employee. The information cannot be posted publicly by the employee. 

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